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Successful nap at last!

 After watching a truly boring movie for two hours, and taking an ibuprofen, I decided to try the nap again. This nap was a huge success! It felt to me as if it had lasted far too long, in fact when I woke up I panicked and thought I had overslept. Not to worry, it had been 26 minutes and I after a few minutes of disorientation I felt quite refreshed. As far as REM goes.... I'm not positive if I had a dream or not. It felt to me as if I did, but it wasn't vivid enough for me to have remembered it. I'm not worried, it's normal for me to forget my dreams.
I am feeling so much better now. The nap and medication helped a great deal, though my cheeks are still reminiscent of chipmunks and my gums haven't quite stopped bleeding yet. All I've had today is a large smoothie that took me the entire day to drink. In fact, there's still some left. At first I tried to take a sip and it was a failure of epic proportions, but the numbness has since gone down.
I just can't get over how great I feel. It might be the drugs, in fact that is the most likely culprit, but I wonder how well these naps help for recuperation. Anyway, I've been thinking all day about whether I  should try a core nap tonight to try and recover. I certainly can't be very active like this, mostly I'm confined to my bed, and boredom does not mix well with polyphasic sleeping at all. I don't want to spend my time from 5-7 am being a zombie while lying in bed, that will almost definitely lead to oversleeping. I'll make the decision when I get there, I guess. 
In other news, my brother has become interested in what I'm doing, and after some discussion he has decided to start his own biphasic sleep schedule, with a short nap during the day. This suits him much better than the more extreme schedules, and I'm just glad I have a 5 am buddy to talk to!
That's all for now, I suppose. I'll go do more boring ass things in my bed. How can I keep my mind stimulated to not fall asleep, but not overstimulate and tire it out even more? Only time will tell. So far reading Sandman has been very helpful, the pictures plus words combo of a comic book somehow force my mind to stay awake to comprehend it, where lots of words on a page can make my eyes drift through them. Or something. Yeah. Later, all.



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