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Polyphasic Pastafarian

...yep, that pretty much sums me up

Hi. I'm Chris. I'm a girl. I'm awesome. Wait... I didn't mean to type that last one. It just slipped out. Sorry. Anyway...
Yes, I'm a girl, contrary to popular belief. Why go by Chris? Who knows. Now the random facts about myself shall commence.
I go through phases. About everything. And it can (and will) change suddenly and randomly. Will add more here later. Maybe.
Okay, it's later. I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes math. Scary. And I like learning, cheesy as that sounds. But I don't like school. Learning is cool--being forced to isn't. That being said, I read a lot. I'm also addicted to fanfiction. Specifically lots of fluffy and slashy goodness. Yeah. I like writing as well, but I can never make plotlines. Ever. My stories consist of funny scenes and witty dialogue, which is fun to read, but there's no depth to it. This is what livejournals are for. I'll probably add even more later.