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So maybe I haven't let this stupid journal die like I said I would. There's too much comedy gold in it for that. Seriously, past me is so pitifully hilarious.

I've been thinking about joining internet causes. A... certain anti-Scientology one in particular. And when they inevitably Google my username, I was worried about them finding this stupid thing and thinking that's all I am. It isn't, I swear! Just most of it! Of course this is me being ridiculous and paranoid but what else is new. 
Hi, Anonymous, I love you and all, but I will make damn sure you never get my address or phone number.

What else is new? Not all that much. I've stopped being such an angsty teenager, hopefully. My first relationship failed in spectacular ways, ones that I can now look back on and laugh. I don't really want to date anyone else until college. 
Oh yeah and I did make it into Jazz choir after all. I told y'all I'd keep you posted. It has become my life's meaning. Perhaps more on that life-changing event later. 
Still addicted to enter, I see. 
But of course! It's only the coolest button on the keyboard. People wouldn't be anywhere without being able to enter things. 
Lame as livejournal may be, it's hard to get rid of it completely. I'm going to keep it here as a reminder of what I used to be like, as well as what I still am. Besides, I never liked any of the other social networking sites much more, so, what are you going to do. (No, I do not have a Facebook. And my Twitter was only for that awesome Echo Bazaar game.)
That's really all I have to talk about. I'm off to try and make the world a less censored and freer place. As long as I can configure proxies so I don't end up in jail, that is. 
...Ha ha, I wish that were a joke.
Advice of the day: install Linux! You'll be glad you did.



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