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Whoa, I am so freakin' proud of myself right now.

Basically, I came home from a long bus ride (4 hours!) and immediately fell asleep. I decided to just not even set my alarm so that I could wake up whenever, since I was ridiculously tired. I went to bed at around maybe 12:45, no later than 1. 

And I freaking woke up at like 5:20. All on my own! That's crazy close to my 4.5 hour core that I've been aiming for. Also interesting, Friday night I slept the entire night through, so I thought that might affect today. Nope! Man, I am just so impressed with myself. You know, now that I think about it, I've always had the odd ability to wake up at the time I need to, without an alarm. Back when I used to sleep monophasically, I used to get up about a minute before the alarm would go off. True story, I did this almost consistently. Even while sleeping poly, on the occasional times I overslept, during school days I always woke up around the time I needed to be up, whether that be 7:15 or 8:25. 

The problem is, if I ever try to do this on purpose, it usually fails. So I tend to just let my brain do whatever it wants and try not to think about it too much. Actually, I do this about everything, constantly. My brain is a magical, magical place, and Sampson tends to have free reign. 

More on today (.....yesterday?? What are days?) 

The aforementioned 4-hour bus ride (EACH WAY D:) was for a very important audition for Honor's Choir, which is basically a big deal. Only high school seniors can audition, and it's very selective. I think I did alright, I know I did a perfect sight singing but that's usually the case. 

So yeah, there was that. I think I did alright. I suppose we'll find out on Monday or whatever. 



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